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Twin brothers Dino and Terry's long DJ career began in the mid-eighties, when they were still teenagers, playing funk, disco and electro music for small local parties. But it was only in early 1986, when they got a taste of the first house sounds that things began to really take off for them. Drawing inspiration mainly from New York's music scene, they guest DJ'd at the now legendary Twilight Zone, which was outfitted with a state-of-the-art Richard Long sound system. The club boasted regular guests such as David Morales, David dePino and Frankie Knuckles, and introduced the city of Toronto to the sounds of garage and house music.
Once the Twilight Zone club closed, Dino and Terry filled the void with the launch of Kola club, Toronto's famous original after-hours warehouse venue. With a residency spanning two years (1988-1990), they built up a very loyal following that supported them at a number of other clubs at the time: SOS, Rockit, Colours, Empire Dance Bar, Lizard Lounge, and many others. With the closing of Kola in 1990, Dino and Terry's hold on the house music scene in Toronto was unrivalled.
Throughout the nineties, Dino and Terry introduced house and garage music to underground and more commercial clubs alike. Whether alone or sharing the night with DJ's like Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles or Louie Vega, they always made their presence felt. They went on to play all of the biggest clubs in Toronto, to growing audiences: RPM, Go-Go, Stilife, and of course, their infamous Sunday night residency at the Phoenix night club.
By the mid-nineties, with their production and remix work soaring to new heights, Dino and Terry joined the jet-set DJ elite, bringing their unique blend of underground house and garage to prestigious international spots like the Ministry of Sound, Angels of Love (Naples, Italy), Back to Basics, Rex Club (Paris, France), and a host of other clubs and audiences that warmly embraced the Dino and Terry blend.
Coming full circle, the last couple of years has witnessed a steady stream of gigs in their home town once again, with weekly residencies at a number of clubs in Toronto, from Electric Garage Thursdays to Bang Saturdays. And to top it all off, Dino and Terry, along with Toronto's original warehouse promoter Ted Clarke, are returning to their Kola digs in the spring of 2001.


Dino and Terry's extensive radio/mix-show work began in the early 90's with guest spots on both CKLN and CIUT shows: Footnotes, Dave's Dance Music and the Oblivion Express all hosted exclusive D&T mixes. They eventually became the hosts of Oblivion Express on 88.1 FM on CKLN on Friday nights, spinning all the latest acetates, test pressings and hot white labels from the international house music community.
Also of note is the fact that D&T were the regular DJs for Toronto's first commercial mix show on Energy 108 back in 1993. Modelled on the mix shows of New York and London, this gave them the opportunity to expose real underground music to an even wider audience.
On the global front, Dino and Terry have also appeared several times on the very prestigious station KISS FM in London, England for highly acclaimed mixes on Friday night's Zoo Experience with Bobbi and Steve. They also rocked London's underground pirate station Girls FM with their DJ sets. In Italy, Dino and Terry have been heard on the national Station 1 radio broadcast.


Streetsound Magazine

Along with DJ'ing, producing and remixing, Dino and Terry have contributed to the world of house and garage as journalists. Over the course of approximately ten years as reviewers, then editors, of Streetsound magazine's house column, Dino and Terry have conducted interviews with the likes of Louie Vega, David Morales, Ultranate, Dajae, and a host of other highly respected artists. Their internationally distributed column for Streetsound (in print first, later online) was widely recognized as one of the most reliable and informative sources of house and garage news, reviews and opinions found anywhere.
With the creation of Global House on the fledgling Psuedo.com network, Dino and Terry combined their wealth of knowledge and experience to create the world's first international, up-front underground house and garage show broadcast to the world over the internet. The show featured their exclusive Top 20 Chart, complete with audio and video, artist interviews and much more.


Dino and Terry Double Vision E.P. Boomtang
John James Mothers of Hope (rmx) Attic
Kon Kan S.O.L. (rmx) Hyptonic
Monic Garo Tell Me Why Hyptonic
Kon Kan Sinful Wishes Hyptonic
Oval Emotion Reach (rmx) Hi-Bias
Apollo Grooves Vol I Crash
Paul Knight How Does It Feel Crash
Party Crashers Dance Machine/Cairo Crash
Crash Co. Feat Mordechai All Or Nothing Crash
Camille Deeper Shade of Love (rmx) Epic
Billy Newton Davis Promised Land (rmx) Boomtang
Matt Wood Do What You Want (rmx) Groovin
Leslie Joy What Is Happiness Crash
95 North feat. Phillip Ramirez Spread Peace (rmx) Crash
Daphne I Found It (rmx) Maxi
Mindchime feat Isi Samuels For Our Culture (rmx) Crash
d'Pac feat After Dark U and Me (rmx) Crash
Phurry Freaks Sooth (rmx) LFSF
D'Bora Good Love, Real Love (rmx) Music Plant
95 North Jazziz (rmx) Freetown
Dino and Terry Sugarcane Guidance
Thelma Houston All of That (rmx) Azuli
Cooly's Hot Box We Don't Have to ..(rmx) Sole Music
Funky Green Dogs The Way (rmx) Twisted
Crash Control Henny's Keys/Rainbow Soulution
Matt Wood No Time (rmx) Groovin'
Dino and Terry Soundcheck EP 20:20 Vision
Dino and Terry Kola Groovin'
Phillip Ramirez Keep the Faith Crash
Zoo Experience feat. Overjoyd We Can Make It Klub Zoo
Jocely Brown Picking up Promises (rmx) Bassline
Dino and Terry Apollo Grooves II Crash
Cricco Castelli Batucada Soul (rmx) Adelphoi
d'Pac feat After Dark Took Me For Granted (rmx) Crash
Doriel Can You Hear Me (rmx) Crash
Dino and Terry Holed Up/Hustler Bomba
Cooly's Hot Box Could You Love Me (rmx) Sole Music
Phillip Ramirez See The Light Crash
Dino and Terry Yello/Hang On Vinyl Peace
Dino and Terry feat. Karla Brown Get Another Love Z
Dino and Terry Wired Pagan
Dino and Terry Flamengo/Show Me 20:20 Vision
Dino and Terry Motion/Morning/MoonDub Classic
Dino and Terry Crowd Control E.P. Earthtones
Michael Watford Understand Me (rmx) Hole
Rum Runnerz Moonlite Vinyl Peace
Disco Anarchists You Are Everything White
Dino and Terry and DJ Deep The Lane EP BNO
Dino and Terry Croque Monsieur Guidance
Titus Don't Worry About Me Guidance
Alana Bridgewater Can You See My Soul Crash
The Rurals No Power (rmx) Peng
Nicole Graham Breathe (rmx) Soul Star
Alana Bridgewater In His Power Crash
Dino and Terry Next Door White
D.T.M.A. Tomorrow Crash
Dino and Terry Music Crash
L.M.A. feat. Alana Bridgewater Summertime Blues ChiliFunk
Ray Hurley Ride The Storm White